Tape Drive Repair

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Services offered by MidWest Technical:

SERVER UPGRADES – call if you need to add memory, disk drives or want to move up to larger capacity disk drives .

PURCHASE OF EXCESS EQUIPMENT - We will offer a reasonable amount for your excess servers or other IT related equipment. 

BROKERAGE SERVICES - We belong to a large dealer network and can advertise your IT equipment.

DATA DESTRUCTION -  We wipe/erase disks according to DOD Level 3 or shred drives into less than 1” size.  We can also shred any media into very small pieces.  On staff are specialists in Computer Forensics with a background in destruction processes.   Data Storage devices to be destroyed are logged in then stored in a locked secure storage container.   One of our bonded staff members will personally oversee the shredding of any disk drives.

SILO REMOVAL SERVICES - We can arrange the de-installation and removal of large enterprise tape libraries.  We also offer a RACKMOUNT SOLUTION if you require access to tape drive media once the library is removed.

HEALTH CHECK ON MEDIA - We have the ability to scan the RDIF chip on your LTO media to determine how healthy the media is and how well your tape drives are performing. 

TELEPHONE TECH SUPPORT- We have staff members who are well schooled in diagnosing and resolving hardware related issues.  We offer advance replacement parts.

Our customers have relied upon Midwest Technical Sales for over 30 years to provide technical services at reasonable costs.  All of our repair services are performed in house by MWTSS staff members.

Contact MidWest Technical if you would like more information on any of our services.




  • Server Upgrades
  • Purchase Excess Equipment
  • Brokerage Services
  • Data Destruction
  • SILO Removal Services
  • Rackmount Solutions
  • Media Health Check
  • Telephone Tech Support