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IBM Autoloader/Library Repair

Some of the IBM tape autoloaders and tape libraries we can repair:

IBM 3581-L17 LTO1 LVD   
IBM 3581-H17 LTO1 HVD
IBM 3581-L28 LTO2 LVD   
IBM 3581-F28  LTO2 FC
IBM 3581-L38 LTO3 LVD   
IBM 3581-F38  LTO3 FC

IBM TS2230 3580-F3E LTO3 SCSI, 3580-S3E LTO3 SAS
IBM TS2340 3580-L43 LTO4 SCSI, 3580-S43 LTO4 SAS

IBM TS2250 3580-H5S LTO5 HH SAS 3580S5E

IBM TS2900 6-slot Loader Express 1U SAS
3572-S6H LTO6, 3572-S5H LTO5, 3572-S4H LTO4

IBM TS3100 3573-L2U 24-slot
IBM TS3200 3573-L4U 48-slot
LTO4 FH: 3573-8143 SCSI 95P5002, 3573-8144 FC 95P5004,
              3573-8145 SAS 95P5006
LTO4 HH: 3573-8148 FC 46X6912, 3573-8149 SAS 46X7117
LTO5 FH: 3573-8244 FC, 3573-8245 SAS
LTO5 HH: 3573-8248 FC, 3573-8247 SAS
LTO6 FH: 3573-8344 FC
LTO6 HH: 3573-8348 FC, 3573-8347 SAS   

 IBM TS3100 3573-L2U Configurations:
3573-L3S: (Express model) Ultrium 3 LTO3 LVD Ultra160, SCSI tape drive
3573-F3S: (Express model) Ultrium 3 LTO3 4Gbps Fibre Channel tape drive
3573-L4S: (High Volume) Ultrium 4 LTO4  LVD Ultra160 SCSI tape drive
3573-F4S: (High Voume) Ultrium 4 LTO4 4 Gbps Fibre Channel tape drive
3573-S4S: (High Volume) Ultrium 4 LTO4 4 Gbps SAS tape drive
IBM TS3310 3576-L5B base library, 3576-E9U expansion
3576-8042 LTO3 FC, 3576-8142 LTO4 FC, 3576-8139 LTO4 SAS

IBM TS3500 library TS1140, TS1130, TS1120, 3592 J1A
IBM 3490 
IBM 3590
IBM 3592
IBM Tabletop Storage
IBM 3580-L11  IBM 3580-H11 LTO1
IBM 3580-L23   IBM 3580-H23 LTO2
IBM 3580-L33   IBM 3580-F33 LTO3


MidWest Technical offers:

·         3 – 5 day standard repair turnaround

·         24 hour repair expediting or advanced replacements

·         No-cost repair evaluation

·         Free phone support

·         6 month warranty

Repairs include internal cleaning, preventative maintenance, adjustments to manufacturer specifications and testing.

If you have any questions about IBM tape autoloader or library repair, call us at 1-888-822-TAPE(8273) or complete RMA Repair Request form.  Thanks for visiting Midwest Technical, the GO TO PEOPLE, in the tape drive repair marketplace.  We are the most versatile data storage specialist in the industry.


IBM 3623-2LX

IBM autoloader library repair

IBM Autoloader / Library Repair


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